Patterns of Connection
Understanding Nature, Community & the Self

May 23rd, 2014 @ Topanga Library

• An introduction to Integral Permaculture Design
• Recognizing patterns in nature, humans & gardens
• Exploring powerful elements & principles of holistic living

Raised in a small nomadic beekeeping family in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, Leif is an ecological gardener, educator, designer and activist passionate about merging and integrating inner and outer landscape restoration. 

As Stewardship and Sustainability Director at The Ojai Foundation, Leif oversees the care, restoration and design of the Land and Facilities, including; over 30 eco-structures, edible landscaping, native oak woodlands, grasslands and chaparral sage scrub habitats. 

He has over a decade of experience working professionally and teaching in sustainability and regenerative design fields, including; Permaculture, environmental education, and youth leadership. 

In Ojai for the last four years, he has been uniting ancient wisdom traditions, such as The Beauty Way, The Way of Council, and the Wheel of Life Teachings into his holistic view of life and work. Leif sees himself as a guardian of the Earth and as an elemental steward of the cycles that sustain all life.

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