The Essence of Culture Repair
Awakening the Human Operating System

June 25th, 2014 @ Topanga Library

• Building regenerative and healthy relationships
• Deep nature connection and Cultural Mentoring
• Relating Holistically to the World Around Us

Mentored in understanding the language of nature throughout his boyhood by a well known author and Tracker (Tom Brown Jr.), Jon went on to study natural history, anthropology and education at Rutgers University. His research led him to develop the 8 Shields Cultural Mentoring System, a model for resilient community and deep nature connection that is now applied by over 100 communities in North America and Europe.

Jon’s unique ability to deeply read and understand the nuances of animal communication through tracks, sign, and bird language, coupled with his understanding of the crucial impact of mentoring on regenerating resilient culture, have offered a unique contribution  towards developing healing modalities  for self, community, and nature. 

Richard Louv, author of The Nature Principle, hails Jon as “one of the heroes of the new nature movement.”

Personal Website  - MarkMorey.com
Video Channel  - Youtube.com

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