Taking Action to Impact Community

August 22nd, 2014 @ Topanga Library

• Art and Leadership
• Empathy to unleash creativity
• Action based engagement

Gamal Palmer has been at the forefront of theater-based social justice initiatives for more than a decade. 

Gamal co-designed the first ever experiential-academic collaborative program between the Yale Schools of Divinity and Drama entitled, 'After Social Justice; Through Music, Theater and Religion,’ which took place in Tanzania. 

As the co-founder of Company Cypher, Palmer has been able to further develop his passion for social justice, arts and education. Company Cypher is a theater company that engages educators, community leaders and artists in a transformative conversation focused on race and skin tone prejudice.

For the past few years, Gamal has been working with young black male entrepreneurs by connecting creative expression and Applied-Theater with social innovation. 

Currently, Palmer is the Sr. Director of the Community Leadership Institute.

Gamal's talk explores and considers: Art and Leadership Empathy to Unleash Creativity Action-Based Engagement.

Gamal Palmer shares how his relationship with Tanzanians influenced his program "The Social Quest for Justice Through Music, Theater and Religion".
While listening to people in Swaziland, the largest request the Swazi people had was to have Think Gardens. A place where they could come and be with themselves.
Gamal Palmer touches upon how adolescence need to be part of a conversation about adolescence.

The importance of the environment Manzanita School creates is highly needed for adolescents to discover their self-expression.

Gamal Palmer shares his experience with a Swazi man and his commitment to bring the arts to his community.


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