Shawn Berry

It was a small farm in Michigan where Shawn's fascination and passion for nature began in his youth. Eventually, the excitement of the big city and a knack for creativity on the computer drew him to Los Angeles, where he made a living directing, designing and animating motion graphics in the entertainment industry. In this time he encountered and undertook his first Visionquest, and since that experience has been guiding other men in this unique process for the past two decades. His enthusiasm to understand what makes a healthy, whole, nature-connected human has led him further to explore the relationship between humans and nature. After building Manzanita’s Outdoor Studies program for two years, Shawn took the courageous step of founding his own company, First Nature, which continues to offer nature-connection experiences, rites of passage guidance, and council/circle practices to youth and adults. This fall, Shawn returns to Manzanita part-time as a Naturalist in our Canyon Day program, bringing back to our community his decades of experience connecting people to the more-than-human world. We are thrilled to welcome Shawn and his myriad gifts back in support of Ms. Jennifer and the 8th grade students.