Building a New Story
Awakening Adolescent Sensibilities to Planetary Healing

April 25th, 2014 @ Topanga Library

• Why adolescence is so critical
• Igniting the intrinsic gift in youth
• The importance of this moment in time
• Deep nature connection's role in adolescent education

Dr. Paul Astin has worked in education for over 20 years, as a teacher and administrator in both public and private schools. 

Paul has a BA degree in Prehistoric Studies, a bilingual teaching credential, an MA in Latin American Studies, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. 

Paul’s 2008 dissertation focusing on adolescent development and middle school reform won the Dissertation of the Year Award in UCLA’s Educational Leadership Program. In 2001, Paul won the Bravo Award from the Los Angeles County Music Center for integrating art into his classroom. 

Paul was named “Topanga Citizen of the Year” in 2008, partly in recognition of the service work of his 6th grade students at Topanga Elementary. Prior to becoming a full-time classroom educator, Paul worked as a jazz pianist and music teacher.

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