Mike Settele


Mike Settele (pronounced Suh-tél) is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, where he earned a BA in Philosophy and Political Science. He began his teaching career in the SAT prep industry, tutoring for a small company in Baltimore and Washington, DC. There, he gained experience working with students one-on-one, in small classes, and as the director of large prep courses. Tired of alternating between snow and humidity, he moved to beautiful Los Angeles and started his own business. Inspired by the city's creativity, he has written and published two test prep study guides. Mike has thoroughly enjoyed being welcomed into the Manzanita community, while teaching SAT prep, English, and mathematics. After years teaching the most standardized of subjects, he is excited for the opportunity to be in an environment that emphasizes individual genius. Mike will be teaching the Algebra II students as well as continuing to support SAT prep and community college course work for the High School. When he's not teaching, Mike can be found struggling over a script he'll never finish, reading a thick biography of an obscure president, or hiking the dusty trails around Topanga.