Lisa Metzler

Lisa holds higher education degrees in Music, Pure Mathematics and Computer Science, and has spent time working with several different populations as a music therapy specialist.  She first began studying Spanish when she was a child, sparking a passion for foreign language generally and Spanish in particular. In addition to homeschooling her own two children for 9 years, Lisa spearheaded several community-wide math and science courses. She bid a farewell to homeschooling when both children headed to college early, pursuing their chosen paths in science and technology. Lisa has combined her education and homeschooling experience with a long-held passion for mathematics education and foreign language through private tutoring. She has worked closely with our previous Spanish teacher, Annie Klein, and has covered many of her classes as a substitute Spanish teacher. Lisa is committed to finding the spark in every student, the “why” that unlocks each student’s innate curiosity and desire to flourish. Lisa is honored to be a part of this special Manzanita community that recognizes student gifts in the context of their role as citizens of the world.