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Saving Our Lost Boys, and What It Really Means to Mentor

June 27th, 2014 @ Topanga Library

• The nature of rebellion, risk-taking and addiction and how to stand in the face of it as a parent and mentor.
• What kind of education are our youngsters in need of, and, what part can each of us play in providing it?

Jonathan Nadlman is a licensed psychotherapist and has been counseling adults, teens, children, and their families for over twenty-five years. 

He has witnessed generations of confused lost boys (regardless of socio-economic circumstance) unsure how or why to become adults, uninspired by the pathways leading out of childhood, untested in facing their fears, and unfamiliar with their inherent gifts and the lessons their community has to teach them. In response to this tragic loss of potential, Jonathan mentors boys and their parents by teaching human development and emotional intelligence at many independent schools throughout west Los Angeles.

Jonathan speaks about the opportunity to meet our boy’s intensity, curiosity, and potential at this crucial developmental crossroads. You will leave equipped to support your boys with new perspective and strategies.

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