Jonah Kanin

Jonah is thrilled to be at Manzanita!  Jonah hails from Boston, Massachusetts, and is starting his pleased to now call himself a California resident.  Jonah has been teaching for over seven years. He taught at the Park School and Milton Academy, both in Massachusetts, and The Episcopal School of Los Angeles.  Over the years Jonah has taught a variety of middle and high school classes, including History, English, World Cultures, Civics, Latin, Humanities, and Performing Arts.  Wrestling is a passion for Jonah, and he coached the sport for many years. He has also coached tennis and soccer.  Jonah has performed Improv comedy numerous times on a variety of stages; the best character he ever played was probably a dinosaur.  Before teaching, he worked for the Freedom Trail Foundation in Boston, where he portrayed the real-life American revolutionary George Robert Twelves Hewes, and frequently visited (among other things) the graves of Sam Adams, John Hancock, and Ben Franklin's parents.  Jonah has an MA in History from Brown University, and a BA from Harvard College in Folklore and Mythology.  He feels so lucky to be able to teach, learn, laugh, and wonder with kids about the mysteries of life both great and small.