The Manzanita School campus includes dramatic geologic features. Located on the southern side of our 20-acre campus, these towering rock faces of weathered sandstone and granite rise over 150 feet and overlook the entire area. We are presently developing our learning space to give students the experience of being ‘imbedded’ in nature.  This will be achieved by locating classroom spaces at the southern portion the property facing these prominent rock features. 

Currently in the planning stage, we will soon begin a complete renovation of our existing two-story Education Center located on the hill above the parking area.  This fully remodeled structure will feature three distinctive and modern classrooms and several small offices. Each classroom will include high glass walls and exterior balconies, providing views of the rock formations at the northern side of our campus. These geologic landmarks will provide inspiration for learning both within the classroom and during outdoor studies and exploration. 

In subsequent years, we will continue our commitment to locate new classrooms beside the undeveloped chaparral, allowing for immediate access to this rich and diverse biome directly outside the classroom door.  In this setting and context, students will have the constant visual experience of these awe-inspiring features, whether in-class or outside-of-doors.

As students deepen their understanding of, and appreciation for their own personal connection to nature and to the living earth, these rock faces will increasingly become a testament to the beauty and vitality of the earth, an ongoing reminder of the power and wonder of nature, as well as providing a source of both inspiration for their own learning and creativity.