Dave van Beek


Dave grew up on a remote farm on the South Island of New Zealand.  He was introduced to the wonders of the wild by his grandfather and has been passionately helping people connect with nature ever since. As a young boy, he spent time disappearing into the mountainous rainforest around his family's farm with school friends. Then, as an adult, he spent 20 years guiding clients from around the world on remote wilderness adventures. He also instructed at Outward Bound New Zealand, helping people of all ages and all walks of life connect with nature, themselves and each other. Dave has an honors degree in Agricultural Science (with an emphasis on ecology), a Teaching Diploma focusing on Science and Education Outside the Classroom, and is a qualified Outdoor Instructor and Wilderness First Responder. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2011 he has been helping private individuals and various non profit organizations connect with nature through customized adventures. He is inspired by being a part of the work being done at Manzanita and is loving the opportunity to learn with and from the Manzanita community.