Turning Salty Sea-Water Into Fresh Water

Many of us who are students of ancestral skills and technologies marvel at the ingenuity of nature-based peoples. The inventiveness of humans is remarkable. Turning salty sea-water into fresh water might seem out of the realm of possibility for someone using only local materials from nature, but not for this man. Enjoy!

Excerpt from Documentary “Mother Nature’s Child”

A small group of high school students explore the wilderness of the eastern United States during a 6-month semester at Kroka Expeditions. Led by Kroka founder Misha Goldman, they discover peer connection, self-sufficiency, and themselves.

As noted above, one of our beloved high school juniors, Rubey-Grace Carey (who also happens to be Ms. Jennifer’s daughter), is traveling to Ecuador as part of Kroka Expeditions, based out of New Hampshire. Watch this excerpt from the documentary “Mother Nature’s Child,” which featured this segment about Kroka’s Vermont Semester. You will get a strong sense of the deep community this program generates for participating youth. Enjoy!