Quote of the Day from Calvin Luther Martin

“The messenger led the brother and sister by lantern along a woodland path till they came upon a huge, ancient oak in whose trunk was cut a cunningly wrought door. Through the door and up a long, spiraling staircase to the chamber excavated out of the core of this immense living creature. Here, haloed by firelight, stood a sage, a keeper of long-forgotten earthly knowledge. The old man spoke of a world bristling and crackling with power, the power of origination and deepest formation, which cared for everything –took care of everything- even human beings. The earth, he said, was not a place to fear. The problem was that adults had lost their nerve, lost their faith in the marrow of it all. Children, he believed, still hold the mighty secret of trust. It was the lesson of the child to the adult: absolute trust. Once trust began percolating back into the soul again, humans would behold the liberating of those colossal earthly powers that now lie silent under the spell of our bad faith. The earth would be alive again and human beings would stop living lives of waiting, stop living under the curse of time and history, to live instead in the still point of beauty….Children, and whatever bits of childhood survived the battering of growing up, might help us finding a lost trust in this planet. Human beings could unshackle the awesome powers of place if we could only find our body and spirit in the otherness of this planet, as our ice-age ancestors and their hunter-gatherer heirs did for tens of thousands of years.”

- Calvin Luther Martin, “The Way of the Human Being”